The Sea Goat

Abbreviation: Cap
Genitive: Capricorni
Origin: [antiquity]

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Capricornus is a member of the zodiac. This is one of the most ancient of constellations, harking back to Babylonia and before. The planet Neptune was discovered near the star δ Cap (Deneb Algedi) on 23 September 1846.

Notable Features

Designation Name Description
α2 Cap Algedi Algedi is a wide double star that is easily visible through binoculars.
β1 Cap Dabih Dabih is another wide double star.
γ Cap Nashira
δ Cap Deneb Algedi Contrary to expectation, this star is the brightest one in the constellation.
ν Cap Alshat
M30 This globular cluster is easily seen but not resolved into stars with binoculars or a small telescope.