The Triangle

Abbreviation: Tri
Genitive: Trianguli
Origin: [antiquity]

The constellation of Triangulum

The reason for the name is pretty self-explanatory! Some older star maps pair it with the now-obsolete constellation Triangulum Minor which sits nearby.

Notable Features

Designation Name Description
α Tri Mothallah This star sometimes appears as Caput Trianguli (from the Latin caput trianguli meaning 'the head of the triangle') in older star atlases and catalogues. It also appears as Metallah in Antonín Bečvář's Atlas of the Heavens — Ⅱ Catalogue 1950.0.
HAT-P-38 Horna This thirteenth-magnitude star is known to have at least one exoplanet.
M33 Triangulum Galaxy This is one of the largest members of the Local Group of galaxies. It is a spiral and it is just about possible to see it with the naked eye if skies are very dark. It is sometimes incorrectly called the Pinwheel Galaxy but that name properly belongs to a spiral galaxy in Ursa Major.