Piscis Austrinus

The Southern Fish

Genitive:Piscis Austrini
Fully Visible:90°S – 53°N

Known as the fish as far back as Babylonian times, Piscis Austrinus was portrayed in Greek mythology as swallowing the water poured out by Aquarius.

The constellation of Piscis Austrinus

Notable Features

Visible Named Stars
α PsA Fomalhaut This first magnitude star represents the mouth of the fish. The discovery of an exoplanet was announced in 2008 but in 2020, astronomers theorised what was detected was actually the collision of two large planetesimals. This star sometimes appears as Diphdi al Aoul (from the Arabic al‑ḍifdiʿ al‑awwal meaning 'the first frog') in older star atlases and catalogues. In Chinese astronomy, it is known as Beilashimen, from Bĕi Là Shī Mén meaning 'the north gate of the military camp'.
Other Interesting Stars
HD 205739 Sāmaya This ninth-magnitude star is known to have at least one exoplanet. It is located near ι PsA and θ PsA.
Lacaille 9352 At a distance of just under 11 light years away, this is one of the closest stars to the Sun. At seventh magnitude, however, it is too faint to see with the naked eye. It is found south of π PsA.