October 2015

What rubbish have we received today? Below is a partial list of the "spamvertised" domains sent to our accounts.

Note that this is a listing of spam received by us, not sent by us. We do not send unsolicited bulk email but spammers routinely forge our domain name in the From: line of their junk.

"Dating Scam" Contact Details Date
Hi there sweet! Would you mind to finding a young and nice girl of 24? My name's Galina. I am from Ukraine. Have you ever heard that the loveliest girls in the world live in my country? Don't even doubt! I want to invite you to a very nice international family life agency where hundreds of single people are looking for their future lovers. I long for finding a special person for serious relations or even family life. Aren't you the one I am searching for? neojedor@rambler.ru 20 October
Hi sugar, Have not heard from you for ages! Have you forgotten about me? Hope not! How are things going? I am still single and spring has come.. all of my friends are hnaging out with their boyfriends and I am alone L Though we might get to know each other better and perhaps this Spring will be the last lonely spring for us? Why don’t you come and see my new photos? And perhaps even email me.. Will be waiting… xoxoxoxxo blinsaha@rambler.ru 20 October
"Pump and Dump" Stock Date
This is how this scam works:
  1. The scammers quietly buy lots of inexpensive shares in a particular company, usually one that is small and sparsely traded.
  2. They then flood email inboxes everywhere with millions of messages touting the company as a hot stock and urging people to buy quickly. Pump.
  3. Enough unwitting investors buy the stock to create artificially high demand and prices.
  4. The scammers then stop promoting the stock and quickly sell their cheaply-purchased shares for a profit. Dump.
  5. The stock price plummets back to its pre-scam levels or even lower, and the conned investors are left with stock shares worth significantly less than what they paid.
Don't fall for it!
Safer Shot Inc. (SAFSD) 12 October
Safer Shot Inc. (SAFSD) 13 October
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